2024 Convention Weekend Passes And Accommodation Options

in 2024 we are offering either 3-nights in the main convention hotel or a non-residential weekend passes for those with alternative accommodation.

Following the lottery results, those who have not paid for their rooms or have changed their mind, have had their spaces allocated to those on the waiting list. After exhausting the waiting list, there remains a handful of rooms left which are being allocated now on a first-come-first-served basis on our online marketplace

Make sure you apply for Pawsome membership before grabbing any convention passes. Click HERE to register for free now!



Hotel Accommodation Spaces

The cost per person, per bed space, this year will be £395 for THREE nights’ accommodation including breakfast every morning and full dinner on Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings.

This does not cover the convention attendance, this is purely your lodgings, you will need to still buy a convention pass if you do not have one yet!

We are limited to 156 people for spaces in beds and 250 total attendees due to the size of the venue and as it’s our first event, we want to know we can fill the venue before looking at bigger venues in future. Following the lottery results and waiting list, a final few rooms have become available where people have not paid, pulled out or changed their minds.

Please visit our dedicated online marketplace HERE to buy one of the final remaining spots. Remember to put your Pawsome membership number(s) in the checkout notes!

  • You can buy more than one bed spot if you are a group, just put the membership numbers in the checkout notes box.
  • If you do not have a room share agreed, when you buy a bed, we'll allocate you in a room with another member and introduce you both so you can say hello and meet before the convention.
  • You can buy up to three spots as we can turn some of the final rooms into triple-share rooms.
  • If you are joining a pre-agreed room share, just put their membership number(s) in the checkout text and we'll join you into their room and confirm it to all parties.

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Weekend Convention Pass

The cost per person for this year will be £75 for complete access to Pawsome 2024, all its events, spaces and of course Club Animalz on Saturday evening. We can have 250 attendees for the duration of the convention, which is more than we have beds for, however there are many hotels, AirBNB’s, etc. available in Gloucester, and as it is off-season, there should be plenty of space for those to find local accommodation if you are not successful in the room lottery.

Sponsor Upgrade - Want to upgrade to sponsor level? For £25 extra you will get a host of goodies, early access and priority seating. This can be purchased at the time you buy your convention pass or upgrade any time afterwards until a month before the event, on our online marketplace

Please visit our dedicated online marketplace HERE to buy one of the final remaining passes or sponsor upgrades, while they last. Remember to put your Pawsome membership number(s) in the checkout notes!

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Other Optional Costs - TO BE ANNOUNCED

  • Stay additional nights before or after the convention - To be confirmed nearer the time of the event.
  • Pre-buy dinner for any or all of the evenings - if you are not a residential attendee, you will be able to pre-book dinner tickets for the weekend!
  • Minibus transfers from the main station to the venue on Friday & Monday.

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Important Notes

Starting a furry convention from scratch is hard work, and a lot of gambling on success and while we'd love to jump into a huge venue with hundreds of bedrooms, we're doing something different at Pawsome, with the liberal costume code, which means we are now more closely aligned with the US furry cons, we're not quite sure how it will go down and until you all show us with your paws, we'll have to start small. Another important factor is venue's being OK with what we are wanting to do. We all know the main UK furry con venues are not open to anything other than costumes made of faux fur, so we've had our work cut out finding venues open and mature enough to understand what we are trying to do. We have larger venues able to accommodate Pawsome and its costume code, but until we know we can afford to exclusively hire the whole venue, we cannot move bigger.

The portion of your payment, per person, for the hotel accommodation & food is £395 and it will be held on your behalf and paid to the hotel (Juniper Hotels) who will invoice the guests for the room although we have already collected the payment on your behalf. The attendance cost of £75/£100 is due to Pawsome Management Limited.

For Single Person Sharers - Pawsome will use a random selection process to place applicants together, and the share will be confirmed and you will be introduced to your sharer so you can say hello in plenty of time! If your circumstances change, we can change sharers on our systems with another but this can only be done once the new sharer has confirmed and paid, and this cannot be done after 1st August 2024.

Please ensure you bring valid government-issued photographic ID to collect your registration pack to confirm you are over 18 at the time of the event starting.

Your attendance is conditional on adhering to our Code of Conduct, click HERE to view and read this.

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