Convention Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors & Partners

Our Sponsors & Commercial Partners are a huge part of making our events a success, so we would like to thank the following organisations for sponsoring or partnering with us to provide financial support, event support and even equipment, to ensure we run the best events we can!



ABUniverse are the go-to for littles in the anthro and furry community, they have sponsored our events and will be running a dealers table and dedicated events!

Community Sponsors

Without these community organisations, our schedule would be a little quieter! Please show them some love by checking them out, seeing them on the day or attending events run by them at the con


Club Animalz - are putting on their amazing nightclub event at our venue on the Saturday night, everything you expect from a nightclub attracting critters from all the parts of our amazing community. Furries, Pups, Ponies, Rubberfurs, Silicone, Inflatables, all making shapes in the church of dance together with everyone, as it should be!


Kennel Klub - are running the puppy play events at the convention, if you have always wanted to try to get into pup head space or try and roll around with other puppies, or even try your hand a being a handler, check out their events at the convention and head along to their regional events throughout the year if you enjoy your time with them.


RubberSocial - are running the rubbery events during the convention, with experience putting on regional rubber social events, with many rubberfurs and rubber pups in attendance, come along if you have always wanted to try latex, find out where to buy it, and ask questions. There will also be dealers selling rubber fur accessories on the Saturday, just in time for Animalz!