Welcome to Pawsome, the UK’s newest and most awesome furry convention. We’re here to provide a space for you to be your inner animal, with a US Furry Con inspired dress code & vibe, the staff at Pawsome want to let the community showcase their amazing characters, costumes, outfits and gear which are not generally accepted at other UK furry events.


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Mission Statement

Pawsome is an annual residential furry convention. For fans of anthropomorphic arts and costuming, there are many meets and conventions in the UK, namely Confuzzled and Scotiacon. Our event is in addition to an already in-demand social scene.

Pawsome believes that the animal inside you is not restricted to the type of fabric you are wearing to express it. Fursuits and fuzzy outfits are encouraged, if you want to express yourself using latex, spandex, puppy play accessories, pony gear or other materials, as long as you stay true to your inner animal, we are fairly liberal in that respect. Find The Costume Code Here

Most furry conventions in the USA are pretty liberal when it comes to dress code, with all sorts of outfits and materials used in some amazing costumes. We are, and always will be, a furry convention but the first in the UK with a relaxed dress code.

We are currently aiming to hold our first even in the South West of the UK, and we have secured the exclusive use of a hotel with large grounds, function suites and rooms ready for us to come along and show the world what we do best. This is an area of the UK which is generally under-represented but offers a large field of possible venues away from the large metropolitan centres.

We are hoping to hold our annual events the first weekend of October, where it does not clash with existing furry events in the UK and EU, and the weather is fairly mild still. The timings are initially going to be Midday on the Friday to Midday on the Monday for our first few years, with exclusive use during that time.

Pawsome plans to hold some of the more popular panels and events found at most other UK furry conventions. We will, however, aim to have welcoming spaces for various parts of our communities to call home for the three days. Activities revolving around those spaces will take place in those areas but we will have a central space for headline events which will be a large stage and auditorium, and of course not forgetting a dealers area.

Pawsome has been started by some passionate furries and pups who believe that all of the parts of our worlds can come together in a celebration of expressing our inner animal.

The directors of the convention are:

  • Tox CyberFrog
  • Makenshi
  • Volka

These organisers have substantial experience in setting up and running furry and pup events in the UK and are bringing their experience and passion to ensure Pawsome becomes the gold standard in UK furry conventions.

Our directors are supported by a dedicated team of senior managers and heads of departments who have substantial experience in similar roles at conventions in the UK and Europe, so you are in safe hands.

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Long Term Plan

Pawsome hopes that with each year of growth, we will be looking to expand the capacity as we grow out of previous venues, but this depends on many factors, such as financial viability of our events, attendee behaviour and conduct and most importantly finding suitable venues which will allow our attendees to wear and do that they are currently allowed to wear and do, without compromise.

Even if that means we might struggle to find bigger venues, we are not wanting to compromise on the foundation components of Pawsome, liberally applied costume and outfit dress code, activities representative of the full spectrum of furry communities and a welcoming, safe space for everyone.

We are always looking for new and exciting partnerships, venues and we will keep working to bring you the best events that we can, for the best value we can.

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At Pawsome we like to do things differently, and to make registration simpler and easier, you must apply for Membership of Pawsome and in return you will receive your own membership number, which will be yours for life. This number will be used each year on your convention badge, and you can refer to it when you are contacting us either at the convention, via email or other contact methods.

When the room lottery opens, the sharers will simply need to quote their two membership numbers in the group and that combination will enter the raffle. We may contact members periodically during the year to advise you of information pertaining to past and future events, so you do not miss out on any important updates.

You MUST ensure you apply for membership and receive your membership number before applying for any hotel lotteries, attendance tickets or other purchases, as we will need you to quote your membership number at the time of application/purchase. To register for membership, visit our dedicated Membership Page.

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