At Pawsome we like to do things differently, and to make registration simpler and easier, you must apply for (free) membership of Pawsome and in return you will receive your own membership number, which will be yours for life. This number will be used each year on your convention badge, and you can refer to it when you are contacting us either at the convention, via email or other contact methods.

When the room lottery opens, the sharers will simply need to quote their two membership numbers in the group and that combination will enter the raffle. We may contact members periodically during the year to advise you of information pertaining to past and future events, so you do not miss out on any important updates.

You MUST ensure you apply for membership and receive your membership number before applying for any hotel lotteries, attendance tickets or other purchases, as we will need you to quote your membership number at the time of application/purchase.

Please use the form below to submit your membership application and we will then confirm by reply within 5 working days what your membership number is, and use it whenever you contact us, apply for attending registration, apply for the hotel lottery or see us at the events.

You must have a confirmed membership number before applying for any hotel lotteries, any non-attendance registration, or any other events run by us.

Important notes

  • Dealers attending for the day only, do not need membership or attendance tickets as that is a separate process.
  • When you attend our events, your membership number and online handle will appear on your badge. If you change your online handle, you will need to notify us 30 days before any event.
  • You must contact us using the email address or phone number provided, for security purposes, so we know it is the right person contacting us. If you need to change any membership details and no longer have access to the original contact method, you will need to confirm the other details we hold on file so we can verify you.
  • If you no longer wish to remain a member of Pawsome, please Contact Us and we will process it and confirm that we have removed you from the database of members within 28 days of the request.
  • Please see our Privacy & GDPR Policy to see how we collect and manage your personal data held with us.